Types - Construction variants of a front door panel.

Inset panel or leaf covering attachment panel?

We offer three different construction variants to meet different demands. See for yourself and choose between inset panel, outside or double-sided attachment panel for your entrance door. Entrance door panels are usually inset into the door leaf. You can see this from the small misalignment between panel and door profile.

Front door with inset panel

Entrance door with attachment panel on one side

On the whole, the continuous surface of an attachment panel looks more spacious.The door leaf on the outside is covered in a most elegant way.

Entrance doors with double-sided attachment panel

Our advice: If you don't want to compromise on design the double-sided attachment panel is your number one choice. Planar surfaces - both outside and inside - simply demonstrate pure aesthetics.In addition, this variant excels due to optimal thermal insulation and easy-care qualities.